Thursday, April 8, 2010

Assorted thoughts

As the spring has progressed, the circular plant I photographed previously has been changing again. It's more curly and dried and very interesting. I love the lines on the leaves and how the curl.This cracked sidewalk. I walk past it every day. I think the cracks have produced a very dynamic design. So early in my walks I sketched it upon returning home. On my next day's walk, I saw all that was wrong with the sketch. I think I've made five or six sketches now, never quite catching the exact angles that cause it to come alive for me. So, each day I really look at it and maybe over time I will capture it (and in the meantime, I've pasted this photo into my sketchbook).I pass this little blue "plug" each day, too. I love how teensie little plants are growing in it's depressions. I find both of these images really inspiring.Some Easter back porch shots. N getting ready to knit. I like this picture of her.And the guys, discussing something (not sure what, nothing serious, they're looking at the side yard). (brother-in-law, hubby, brother)

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