Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quilt Show Shopping

The Haul!
I bought a lot of felt, not shown here. I got undyed felt for masses of needlebooks I'm planning to make for fall projects. I searched for and found colored felt for another teaching project. The above, however, is not felt. It's dyed cotton batting. Something new to play with! (I got a batting sampler so I can try dyeing my own batting!)This is for me. It's from Tammy Tadd's and I saw it in a show flier they sent to me a couple of days before the show. I liked it and when I saw it has pockets inside, I said MINE!On my hunt for felt, I came across this kit. I've already got the pattern pieces cut out and ready to go. It's from Woolylady and I love her designs.This is just to play. It's a fabric-collage needlebook. It is from Fiber on a Whim.I got this purse pattern and fabric at different shops. The fabric was a bag of remnants from Cherrywood Fabrics that will be perfect for the purse. My problem with Cherrywood has always been choosing--their fabrics are all so gorgeous. With this swatch bag, I don't have to pick--I have a little bit of everything. The pattern is from Maeda Imports. They have luscious fabrics, too, but I restrained myself (I have some from last year still unused).
I saw these stencils a couple of places and didn't keep track of where I picked them up. They're for use with the Earthsafe Dyes below. A demonstrator was doing something really creative with the dyes, textile medium and shaving cream and stenciling. I have to try it.I have so much trouble with allergies and chemicals, I really wanted to try these products. There were a few odds and ends, Bohin Needles and some little charms, but that was pretty much it. I had a budget and totally did not keep to it, but did better than I would have done if I hadn't begun with a budget. I came home and looked over my stash and played with it--no buyers' remorse here.

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