Wednesday, April 28, 2010


EGA is having an outreach project to make bookmarks for Children's Book Week. I'm leading it for our chapter. The book week bit hasn't worked out--I tried calling two local libraries a couple of times each with no response.

I did connect with Hammond Reads through a friend and we're going to make book marks for their literacy program. These are what I've made so far. The tails of the mice are the bookmarks, as are the tulip stems. I found some stiffened felt bookmarks at Michael's--18 in a bag. They are a little thick to use doubled or backed so I am working on creating reversible designs. The photo above shows one side of the pink bookmark and the photo below shows the other side. I think they need some work, all of them. I'd like to make the mice and flowers a bit smaller and also come up with similar designs. The long tails on the balloons on the pink bookmark could be problematic--snagging little fingers--I may glue them down. I also need to work on my stitching. It's a good start.

This is going to be an ongoing project so I'm going to be collecting and making bookmarks for the foreseeable future.


Rachel said...

They've worked well, I think. I like the reversible one!

Anonymous said...

You always seem to accomplish so much. And you always seem to have such a great variety of things going on in your stitching life. You inspire me.