Thursday, April 15, 2010

Books, part 2

This first book is very 1960s and looks to be reprints from past books and articles. I can't tell yet if it will have any gems of wisdom. It's pretty unprepossessing.This one is very, very 1970s. Since that's "my" era, I rather like it. It's another one I'm hoping will have more depth than it looks like right now.This next book isn't crewel. I came upon it on my way to the crewel books and pulled it out to consider passing on. It's a keeper. It's not necessarily about blackwork, it's about design and design development and I'd forgotten how wonderful it was.So, I pulled it out for another review.I just love the images in it and the line drawings for inspiration.
This last one is also more current. I've taken EGA group correspondence courses with Judy Jeroy and I love her style. I recommend her courses--they're quite detailed. It's likely I have much of the content of this book in the various course materials from her, but here it is all in one place (and not scribbled on).

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