Friday, July 2, 2010

90th Birthay Party

Last weekend my sister and I took a long weekend and drove to Ohio to Party! Aunt Jane turned 90 and her kids (all of them and there are many) held a party, really a series of parties, in her honor.First, there was a gathering at a cousin's house with barbecue and conversation. People dropped in as they arrived. Then there was a reception the next day (after lovely long conversations around the breakfast table at the motel). (that's my sister on the right at the barbecue, with a cousin on the left.)And last there was a formal dinner--and of course more birthday cake. These are a few of the grandchildren and one great grandchild (there are many of them, too, just not in this picture). The big guy holding the baby is his dad, just back from deployment overseas (as in just back that day, big welcome back celebration for him). I don't know if he'd seen this child before or not (I suspect not) but he did not let go of him all night.

And, yes, that cake had 90 candles on it, all lit.

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Jenny said...

Oh, this looks like a wonderful event! and what a nice picture of Aunt Jane blowing out her candles. I love this kind of family event, and the more people the better.