Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Party Time

Last weekend it was Party Time at my sister's. She's a great hostess and we had a great time celebrating Hannah and Bill's visit home (too short!) and Kim and Dan's 25th wedding anniversary.Typical of my family's celebrations, the dessert table held much more than the counter with "real" food--although that was in abundance, too. The dark thing in the middle is the remains of a pan of very good brownies. Not shown: banana ice cream and banana-caramel cheesecake. One of the guests is very fond of banana. That's my hubby in the background, in awe. (he doesn't touch sugar or wheat flour so he just looked. That may have been shock more than awe.)This is Matt making the profiteroles. Anyone who bakes like this will be a welcome addition to family events! They were yummy. And he made it look so easy!This is my niece.And these are my nephews and my other niece. It was nice to see them all together (a rare treat) and get hugs. More of the crew:Sister Kim's husband chatting with his daughter Hannah's husband.Nephew Pat, sister, and sister-in-law, Nan. Time to take off the apron and join in the party.

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