Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not much stitchin' getting done...

I'm run ragged. Day 4 of the endless conference is nearly over. We've had our glitches, and an endlessly changing schedule, but mostly it's going well. So far my days have been about 14 hours per. About what I expected. I'm getting very tired.I did complete this felted ornament while waiting. Events like this are endless waiting--waiting for caterers, participants, hired cars, computer techs, etc., to show. I have two more ornaments well under way. I brought along a bunch of things to do, but these ornaments are easy to pick up and put down.

In a way I feel like I'm on a vacation. I'm not paying attention to anything but what I'm doing at work, so I'm ignoring household chores. I'm skipping my morning walks (I'm getting plenty of walking time in). This is certainly not my usual routine--there is no routine for my days except get here early and leave late and do what needs to be done. And I'm eating restaurant food for all of my meals. Sounds like vacation to me!(I took this pic last Sunday. It's been hot all week and the flowers are already fading.)

The food is a fun part--I ordered lunches and dinners from my favorite local Hyde Park restaurants and caterer. I picked the menus (except for one meal that was selected by a speaker who ended up breaking his foot and not making it for lunch). We've had Chicago Deep Dish pizza (Pizza Capri), Middle Eastern (Nile), French (La Petite Folie), Chicago thin-crust pizza (Medici), local catering (Catering Out the Box), Yuppie sandwiches (Z&H Market cafe), Caribbean (Calypso), yum! All my favorites and I don't have to pay!Last weekend I played with sequin waste, trying to find a style I like with it. I started a pile of bookmarks and finished stitching six. I still need to cover the backs with something and add tassels.I took this picture of our tomato crop last weekend, too. We've enjoyed these beauties already.This image may look cool and inviting, but it's been beastly hot. I took this very early in the morning last weekend.

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Jenny Woolf said...

Sequin waste - I had never heard of it but it comes in pretty designs!

Hope you're recovering by now.