Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not been doing much stitching...

Saturday was a family party.  Here are all the girls (no pix of the boys).  My, my sister, niece #1, niece #2 and sister-in-law. The party was in honor of niece #2, just returned from several years in Japan and celebrating her 25th birthday. Now she's job hunting and settling with her husband into their home.
Evicence of my sister's green thumb. (I love the foot that crept into the photo)
Niece #2 brought this book back from Japan for me. It's from Kurenai Kai (Japanese Embroidery School) (I am sooo jealous!) It's a pattern book.
As I said in the title, not much embroidery (at least that I can show). I did make this Kanzashi pin for my sister's birthday (belated, as usual).
And I took my avocado "dyed" fabric out of the jar. I didn't see any change at all from the last time I stuck the fabric in a jar with avocado pits in boiling water. sigh.  No bright colors on my silk.  I'm going to let it sit a few days then iron it then wash it and iron it again. It's got a bit more color than this photo shows. Two tints of pale peach. For now the pits are going into the food-waste bin.

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underatopazsky said...

I'm really surprised your avocado stones didn't give more colour. Avocado was the first natural dye I tried and I got really deep shades, especially on silk. (Just posted some pictures of the results on my blog.)

I used the skins as well, which I boiled with the chopped up stones before I added the fabric. I then microwaved the whole lot together before leaving it to stew.

Not very scientific but it worked!