Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a bit of stitching

A lot of what I'm doing now is for upcoming Homewood Embroidery Guild programs that I can't share yet, but I did get some other stitching done last week...
I went to the First-Thursday Japanese embroidery class and finished all of my Iris leaves, the last of the Valerian stems and one clover leaf. 
This is what I did in the hospital waiting room. It looks like a lump of yarn now but in the end it will be (yet) another felted entrelac bag.  I'm using up leftovers from the large tote, shown here.
On our girls' day out last week, I got two Clover tools for making Kanazashi, folded Japanese flowers. I got some pink hemp-leaf patterned cotton (a traditional Japanese pattern) to use to try them out. I added felt leaves and buttons from my stash. The thread's still attached because I still need to add pin backs to them.  The round petal flower was quicker and easier than the pointed one, but they really were pretty quick and easy. Clover's instructions are good.


coral-seas said...

Bouquet is looking lovely and I adore those kanazashi. A friend of mine makes kanazashi and has promised to run an evening workshop at one of our classes :-)

The pink hemp-leaf patterned fabric was a great choice for your flowers.

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, that's strange. My comment disappeared. Not that it was that inspiring :)

I said that I loved the folded flowers which I hadn't seen before.