Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orphan Auto Picnic

Sunday was the "Orphan Auto Picnic" organized by the Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts. As always it was great fun. This is one car show I like because it's at a fairgrounds that's shady and pleasant, no matter how hot it is.  We had gorgeous weather Sunday and I really enjoyed the day out.
I'm not much of a car person, not like hubby. So I generally pick something to observe. This time it was fenders and hubcaps.  The cars are all polished up bright and many have cool hubcaps.
I'm in the corner of the hubcap above
and in the fender here.
Of course, if there's a textile around, I'll find it.  This hand-quilted banner features a photo of the car on it. It was nicely done and fun to see. 

After I cruise the cars, I generally bring a project to sit in the shade and work on. We see friends there and sometimes family.  It's free and a great family event (free snowcones!)

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