Thursday, October 18, 2012

More vacation 2012

I love those mesmerizing windmills.  The colors of the trees along I-65 were glorious! The further south I headed, away from the flat farmland, the more beautiful it got. Sadly, there were no places to stop for good photos. I arrived at my niece and her husband's in the evening.
I brought fabric to take advantage of my niece's sewing area. We stitched holiday table runners.
We made a bunch.
We spent a lovely day chatting and stitching and working on projects. I stitched, she worked on altering a pattern, and he began blocking a sweater he just finished crocheting. Their roommate came home and we headed out to dinner.
We ate at the nearby Carrabba's Italian Grill. We got the same server I had the night before (I really liked it and the others hadn't been there). We had a great dinner--nice ambiance, great service, the prices were great, and the food was really good.
This was my dinner. (The yummy chocolate on chocolate on chocolate dessert went too quickly for a photo.) I'm heading on home to hubby tomorrow. I'm finally starting to feel more rested and myself.  We've got a bunch of day trips planned. I can't wait!

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