Friday, October 26, 2012

Vacation FOs!

One advantage to a mostly-at-home holiday is the stitching I can do. I don't seem to stitch much while traveling.
I started this table topper at our guild show the first week of October. And completed it less than three weeks later. English paper piecing, outline-stitch embroidery, quilted with overydyed perle cotton. Some buttons I had on hand. I really enjoyed making it.
From fast to very slow. I began this counted cross stitch thirty years ago (yep, 1982). It is obvious I wasn't experienced--look how little fabric margin I allowed. I also realized with this project that I really don't like counted cross stitch. I can't count. That's why it sat so long (the do-I-take-it-out-and fix-the-mistakes? conundrum--I didn't, too much had been done by the time I found them). I'd pull it out occasionally, I do like the design, stitch a bit and the realize why I had put it away and off it would go again. This time when I pulled it out I decided to finish or trash it. It's finished. I've added the recipient's name and am working on framing it.

I've also done a lot on my knit tea cozy. It's nearly done. I've been working on some other ufos and even pulled out my Japanese embroidery. I'll get photos of these soon. The JE doesn't look like I've done anything. It's slow going and I'm just working on one section. But I know it's progressing.

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Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I love your table topper - the colours have a nice autumn feel to it and the overdyed thread you used in it looks pretty too - I would love a piece like this for my table - Hugs, Amanda