Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Still on Vacation

We're still having holiday fun. Sunday we went into the city to the Japanese Garden in Hyde Park. We'd known about it for ages but didn't know how to get there until friends took me in September. It was lovely but VERY crowded. It appears to be the place to take pictures in Chicago--wedding pictures for a Hindu wedding, product shots, couple and individual portraits. It was quite interesting to people watch but not much for serenity.
We also drove into Indiana to Heston and the Steam Museum there. We had a great time, roaming the grounds.
We took a "scary" Hallowe'en train ride. This was our conductor. The place was loads of fun and very relaxing.
We've spent time at the Dunes, between raindrops.
The fall color is beautiful and we've been enjoying that. We've been caught in swirls of falling leaves. It's delightful.

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terryb said...

Is the Japanese Garden a remnant of the World's Fair? I thought I read about it. It looks serene from the perspective of your picture--but of course, you edited out any people.