Wednesday, July 20, 2011

finishing up

I spent much of the weekend indoors (out of the heat) finishing things up. I ripped back the lace hat to leave only two body repeats and then reknit the top for more of a cap. As it was it covered about half of my ears--either too short or two long. So I made it shorter.  Now it's just above my ears. 
I spent a lot of time lacing the back of "Remembrance" (see previous post), covering the back with fabric, and adding clear beads to the fringe. It really doesn't look much different from the front but it feels finished now. I added a buttonhole loop for a hanger--the piece is as light as a feather.
And I felted the entrelac diamond tote. First in the washing machine and drier with hot water and a load of towels, then by hand with my scrub board. I worked in the basement tub and was soaked by the time I was done but, as I mentioned, it's very hot here. The finished tote is bulgier than I'd expected--I don't know why because when I looked at the picture, it didn't have the straight sides I'd expected.  The colors of the wool ran, which surprised me given it was a kit and tested with those materials.  I'm okay with it though.  It's finally dry and ready to use. And it's BIG! 
The photo's outlined because I've been having Photoshop woes. Hopefully now fixed.  I couldn't crop.

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