Thursday, December 29, 2011

Intention for 2012

For the past several years, I’ve chosen a word to focus on during the new year, rather than making resolutions I probably wouldn’t keep. The word is a focus for meditation and a guide to where I wish my life to go. My first word was “Move.”

Last year I selected a phrase, “No Excuse.” A slight admonition to myself to be responsible and act so no excuses would be necessary. I still need to keep that in mind (I’m a great procrastinator.)

This year I’ve selected another phrase: “Destination. Deliberation. Determination.” I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter books on my commute and I’m in the midst of book six, where the students learn to apparate.

“Apparition is a magical method of transportation and is basically the magical action of traveling by having the user focus on a desired location in their mind, then disappear from their current location and instantly reappear at the desired location. According to Wilkie Twycross, Ministry of Magic official and apparition instructor, one has but to recall The Three Ds: Destination, Determination and Deliberation. One must be completely determined to reach one's destination, and move without haste, but with deliberation. “ (from the Harry Potter Wiki)

When I searched online, I found I wasn’t the only one who saw this as a good metaphor for taking action in one’s life. I found several references to it in articles. Welcome 2012.

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