Friday, December 30, 2011

Loads of goodies

Christmas goes by so fast--I want it to go slowly, not just because I enjoy the family gathering, eat till you bust day, but I want to see what gifts everyone got.  There are generally some cool things floating around that I don't want to miss. Multiple forms of back scratchers, pigs, and chocolate. Many books that need to be browsed and discussed, tools, t-shirts, edibles, and just fun stuff. It's better now than when we were young and it was all rip-n-tear.  But it just never lasts long enough for me.

I got some lovely, thoughtful gifts that I'll appreciate all year.  (well, the chocolate and handmade salsa might not make it but other things will.)  Here's a sampling of some of the fun.

My niece made me a necklace (crochet) that is very cool. I love her color choices.
I got two little lighting devices that have already come in handy.  I'm up more and more in the night and have used them to read a bit. And I've been journaling early, before the winter sun comes up (when it does), and they've been useful there, too. So far I haven't used them for their intended gifting purpose--extra light for embroidery. I'm sure I will.
I'm really intrigued by these buttons.
And these micro tools (teensy scissors and pliers) will be very handy for beading.
And Hubby bravely indulged my Shirley Temple passion.
Now I can show the other things I made, too. That will have to wait until next week, though.

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