Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not much to show

I've been working quite hard and have gotten a lot done--all of it gifts that I can't show until they've been received and opened.  I even did the first wrapping--those things that I need to mail.
This weekend we took a break and went a bit west. We visited the new exhibit at the Illinois State Gallery, stopped in at Thimbles Quilt Shop and ended with a visit to Bird Haven Greenhouse and Conservatory in Joliet. 

We didn't stay long--professional photographers were taking family photos in the rooms decorated for the holidays. It was pretty and the little ones were all dressed up in their best, but it was also quite crowded.  We escaped to the calm of the succulent wing.
A little charmer came in and was coaxed by her mother to sing Jingle Bells for us.
It's been gloomy here for days now. Dreary and it's getting quite cold now.
The greenery in Bird Haven was delightful.

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