Thursday, December 1, 2011


Over the long holiday weekend, I set up the frame stand for Japanese embroidery and got out my piece each morning and worked an hour or two. I finished the bottom layer of one fan blade (4/1 twist). This is a technique/pattern I did on Phase I so it's a good place to get moving on Phase II. Thinking ahead, on our last Thursday morning meeting in early November, I spent the time twisting many strands of silk so I could just get going and stitch when I had the time.

I was learning to keep the stitches at the correct angle and also to follow the white couched guideline and not the dark drawn line (which was surprisingly difficult). You are supposed to stitch just up to the couched guideline and not over it but... In some cases, not thinking ahead, I placed the couched guideline exactly on the printed design line--which should be covered. Once I realized that, I realized I'd have to stitch over some of my couched lines in order to cover the printed ones. Believe me, next time I couch guidelines, I'll remember to move them away a hairline from the printed lines.
I also have a "new" sewing machine, thanks to my sister and a friend of hers. It's older than my ailing Viking, but seems to work quite well and is very quiet.  I used it off and on all weekend on small bits of holiday projects. It's exciting to have a working machine again and I'm seeing things that need mending and projects I'd planned that have been sitting.

For now, it's all waiting while the Christmas rush is on. And pictures of that will have to wait for a while longer.

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