Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday in Chicago

It's a shame that I live so close to the cultural richness of Chicago and rarely go there. I dove on on Saturday for a guided tour with friends that was quite nostalgic for me.  I spent many Saturdays in my teen years at the Chicago Public Library. As I began to venture beyond the library, I discovered Chicago's wonderful architecture. I would wander the streets and step into other worlds, like the Palmer House Hotel.  And as a child, we'd visit the downtown Marshall Field's store at Christmas and then have lunch, escorted by my dad to took rare time off work to join us, at the Carson's Men's Grill.  Mom's remote cousin Zora would wait on us. 

Saturday's tour visited most of those places--and more.
We had lunch in the Millennium Park Grill, looking out on the skaters braving the cold weather. After lunch the we toured a bit of Millennium Park.
Me in the Cloud Gate (aka Bean).
Inside the Palmer House, lavishly decorated for the holidays. The woman in the candelabra was by Tiffany.
Design inspiration was everywhere.  This is the carpet at the Palmer House.
We stepped into the former Peacock's Jewelry store to gawp at the ceiling (and walls and doors). More design inspiration.
This is the ceiling in the entry of the Cultural Center. Formerly it was the Chicago Public Library where I spent my time and the Cosmati-style mosaics feature the names of famous authors, quotes in many languages, and printer's marks. Inspired yet?
This is the famous Tiffany dome in its restored splendor.  The central motifs are signs of the zodiac.
This is the room the dome covers.  The logo is that of the Chicago Public Library. You have to be inspired by now! 

And all of this is FREE to wander and view.  (If you're going specifically to see the the Tiffany dome (or the dome in the Grand Army of the Republic room, also in the Center) you might want to check the Cultural Center calendar. Both rooms are used for concerts and public and private events and may not be accessible.)

It was a wonderful day. Huette was an amazing guide and I learned all sorts of new things about these once familiar places.  I came home full of inspiration, replete with good things. I slept very well Saturday night. 

More (different) photos of this trip are on the Homewood Embroiderer's Guild blog.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Those roundels are really inspiring. I'd love to start one with a lovely antique button and stitch rows around it.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Wish I could have gone with you guys, but I had a conflicting event that day. Looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Glorious - and yes, inspiring, as you say!