Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thirty Day Creativity Practice

I've joined a project with Quinn McDonald of QuinnCreative blog in her Thirty Day Creativity Practice adventure.  Today is day three and it's been quite interesting.  The practice involves two activities: deep writing and walking meditation.
I do the walking meditation already, my round-the-block each morning, with longer morning walks on weekends.  I've worked it into my schedule and really miss it when something comes up and I can't walk. Ice will keep me in, rain or snow generally won't keep me in completely, but will occasionally curtail my journey (like today--I was pretty soggy by the half-way point).  I've also worked out an indoor alternative I can do on the lower level at work that's okay for breaks and summers but difficult when school is in session (just too many people to dodge).
I used to do morning pages (Cameron, Artist's Way) but got out of the habit long ago. My morning walks have taken the place of the pages. Getting back to daily writing feels good, but I'm struggling to find a time that works every day.  On Monday I wrote between work and dinner. I didn't mange it yesterday at all--and boy did I miss it!  Yesterday was a very stressful, very long day--I had a nice rant when I got home and then I pretty much collapsed. I thought a lot about what I'd write if I had the energy.

This morning I wrote first thing before my walk. But many mornings are a huge rush--especially when I have physical therapy (which I hope to replace with morning work outs at the gym to keep the activity going once therapy is done).
I'm also sorting out the writing itself. I've been cranky lately and using the pages to vent--with a focus on doing it honestly and being aware of what I'm doing to exacerbate the issues, but still mostly I'm just ranting.  I think once I get it all out, I may be able to be more directed in my writing and focused. I've decided for now to try and write a bit longer each time so I can get the daily rant over and then move on to more thoughtful and directed explorations. 
The QuinnCreative blog has great ideas for exploring both the meditative walking and the deep writing. My morning pages were stream of consciousness, which is good, but I think a more directed approach may be better.  Questions she asked today were: "What is the source of your creativity? Where do these good ideas come from?"--that is something I'd like to explore.

All of the photos here were taken on past morning walks. I occasionally bring my camera with me.

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