Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday fun

My birthday this year fell on Camp Quality day, which was a fun way to celebrate.  (Actually we celebrated all weekend!)
This year our project was designed and organized by Renee and Pam--it was amazing. The children decorated felt covered "wizard's" hats (party hats). It was popular and fun. The children's creativity once again amazed me.
We all had fun. I was honored when a camper persuaded the Tooth Fairy to sing "Happy Birthday" to me--the entire room joined in.
Afterward a good friend and I went for a lovely lunch at Pickwick Society Tearoom in Frankfort, IL.
Frankfort was full of flowers!
After lunch I ran errands and got home to find the power was out. Since there was no storm and ComEd denied that it was actually out (later on they admitted it), I rushed about to get things done while the light lasted. More revelries to come...

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