Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Viewing Art

I'm still doing more viewing than doing. Most evenings I'm glued the the Olympics on TV. And last weekend we drove out to Michigan City to view the new shows at Lubeznik Gallery.  They have to shows going on now. Beaten and Bound is book and paper arts and mixed media.  It made me think, which I like. Several of the pieces featured transparency and layers and created great shadows.  Others repurposed old books--I like them, some were brilliant, but I always have that librarian's inner cringe at seeing books cut up.
These paper cuts were full of intriguing detail. Each was about four feet square.
The second exhibit is Light and Flow and is art glass. Not millifiori paperweights but glass as the media for expressing ideas. I liked this exhibit a lot, too.
These photos don't quite capture the pieces--I've found that true when I try to photograph most art. The nuances are lost. So go see the shows while they're still there (they close August 26). Both are well worth seeing.

On our way home, out near the Dunes, we got caught up in a bad storm. Very high winds, a microburst, torrential rains, and hail. We made it home okay, quite thankful to have done so. Our power was out about four or five hours--much less that some others in the area. It was a fast storm, but powerful. Experiencing it helped me get my priorities back on track.

The past few months have been all about work. The last two weeks have been more about nurturing myself and my spirit. The process included some overdue doctor visits, a massage, necessary errands, a haircut, new glasses, viewing art, window shopping, time with hubby, and a hot fudge sundae. I feel like I'm getting my mojo back.


Lelia said...

I thought these were very fine exhibits. I enjoyed the spools - tex-tiles.

Did you like the glass piece upstairs that changed colors? Was such an interesting piece.

The glass against the wall w/lights on were fantastic (IMO).

Jenny Woolf said...

I specially love the pictures of the glass items. What is the stuff in the first picture of the post? At first I thought it was cut up bits of glass, but from the text, I wonder if it is from the altered books.

(Think I'm just stupid!!!)

Like you, I get a bit bothered to see books cut up. I think I prefer artists books where they create the books themselves. They don't always have text, they're just "books as art".