Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ginza Festival

On Saturday we continued our festivities at the annual Ginza Festival at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Chicago. If you're around the first week in August, it's always a fun day. 
We got there in time for the first of several Taiko performances. I love this Japanese drumming. The stage also features demonstrations from local martial arts classes--we saw Kendo and Aikido Saturday and a second Taiko performance. Below is the Temple's youth group.
Hubby bought me a lovely birthday present.
A celadon-glazed rice bowl.

 I stuffed myself with sushi and udon, while enjoying the delicious smell of the chicken teriyaki they are famous for.

The Ginza in Tokyo is a shopping area. Each year the temple brings traditional artisans from Japan to sell their very special wares. In addition there are a number of local vendors selling interesting things. Inside there are displays of bonsai, origami, ikebana and swords.
I purchased this traditional tenugui from one of the craftsmen from Japan. Above is the wrapping and an article about the man's grandfather who started the business; below is the towel.
We spent a lot time just enjoying the gorgeous, perfect weather and people watching. We headed home replete and happy.

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