Thursday, September 13, 2012

A week's work

Studio is over until next time (perhaps February). I was there for most of the days until today, when I had to leave early.I learned a lot.  I stitched the foundation for the tie-dye fan stick and began to stitch the tie-dye pattern. Once I learned the pattern, I left it to do on my own and moved on.  I learned how to pad the plum blossoms and stitched the pale pink one and started the darker pink flower. Time was running short so I began the other "new to me" technique, gold couching.  I got far enough to turn a corner and will continue on my own. 

More than what I stitched and learned on my piece, the general atmosphere of Studio is just wonderful and there are always things to absorb.  I'm working Golden Fan, which Ruth has done. Ruth is working on several pieces, she's more advanced than the rest of us. Margaret is starting cords, which Rosa and I will soon be doing.  Rosa is doing a different fan (which Margaret just completed). So we're all learning from each other all the time.  I'll miss it 'till next time.


Aurelia Eglantine said...

Glad you're have so much fun with your Studio classes, and your WIP is absolutely gorgeous! I really admire goldwork; it looks so elegant and pretty, but I imagine that it's awfully difficult! Your padded plum blossom is so realistic, it's amazing :)

coral-seas said...

I love padding parts of the design, it gives the work another dimension (no pun intended!)

This is looking very nice. I think that you will enjoy the work you do at home now as you seem to have learnt all the techniques in the class. Glad you had such an enjoyable week.

Kathy said...

Your gold couching looks great. Very smooth circle and nice sharp corners. I fear for you being able to fill in that part without catching the gold cord, though.
That's a lovely design, and looks like it will keep you interested until it's completed as it has so many techniques.