Saturday, September 15, 2012

In the Garden

I feel like I've spent my summer working and haven't gotten into the garden much. 
 I did a walk around recently.
In the heat and dryness this summer, the allium is thriving. It's everywhere! The little purple flowers in the pot just seem do go dormant if it's too hot, cold, or dry and then pop back up with blooms the minute conditions improve.
The milkweed is prostrate from the heat. It flowered and then wilted.
The lettuce and dill went to seed. I'm hoping for volunteers next year.
The sage and thyme were stressed by the heat and more bug eaten than usual, but some recent rain has perked them up and they're thriving. (see the allium everywhere?)
The passion flowers are nearly done blooming and are now fruiting. (a bit hard to see, smack in the middle of the picture, a green globe) Autumn is on the way.

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