Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thinking about It All

Lately I've been in a contemplative mood (unusual for me). Perhaps because I've spent a lot of the summer sitting it out. At work long days with big projects. Inside in the cool air conditioning. And on crutches or cane because of a bad arthritis flare in my right knee.

That's scary. My right leg has always been my good one. I'm in physical therapy now and am doing better. Thinking about when the therapy ends and I need to keep it up on my own.
I've been having some negative thoughts about how my self-improvement projects just never seem to last. I regularly try things visually, physically, artistically, and with diet and exercise and then they just fade away. Last winter I joined in on the 30 Day Creativity Practice and enjoyed it. But it, too, has faded away. Well, mostly.
Then last week I was able to begin my morning walks again. It's one habit that persists, probably because it's so simple and basic.  As I walked I've realized that none of my forays into self-improvement have been a total waste. 

I may not journal daily, but I am more meditative as I walk now, instead of just reviewing my agenda for the day.  I don't do all my shoulder exercises on a daily basis (from physical therapy for a rotator cuff tear last fall), but I do a few of them all the time (again, they're simple ones I can do anywhere).  I don't keep a daily artist's journal, but I do add to it periodically and I "see" more and "look" more because of it.
I take away a lasting benefit from each thing I try. 

 I'm clearing out some old projects and then I've decided to venture out again. I'm reading once again about design and color, art and artists, and plan to sign up for the EGA's Independent Correspondence Course in Design for Embroidery in a couple of months. It feels right. 

The images here are photos I've taken and played with in Photoshop.(peony in my yard, a gift from a friend, and Roman pots in the Museum of London)

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