Wednesday, December 17, 2008

gloomy weather

We've been having gloomy, snowy weather (frigid, icy, and very pretty if you don't have to drive in it) here and I haven't been able to get photos shot. Finally this morning we had brief sun.

Here is the stocking I made for my niece many years ago (22). The one I am making for her new husband will be of similar style, size and colors. (it's laying at an odd angle, sorry.)

I am testing using metallic green chain stitch as a fill in for the letters. I'm not sure so it's sitting. I like it but I think perhaps it needs something more...maybe a gold stitch on top. I've also been thinking about feather stitch rather than chain--it may be a bit easier to adapt the width of that to the changing size of the letters. (DMC spool metallic.)

Here is a sprig of mistletoe I'm stitching for the stocking. Very bright. I just need to complete a few more berries. (Au ver a soie stranded silk on cotton quilting fabric.)

Last, here's the needlefelted kitty cat I made for my niece. The felted birds were a lead up to figuring out how to do this. I'm pleased with the outcome.


Jane said...

I like the elements for the stocking, It looks like it will be very nice, and a good match to Hannah's. The cat turned out cute!

Anonymous said...

I really love the cat! it's so pretty.

I'm sorry I have to sign on anonymously - I can never get blogspot sign in to work! Jenny