Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Zoo

We love to visit the zoo but the cost has gotten prohibitive lately ($11 per person plus $8 to park!) and we go there rarely now. But Thursday is free-day and they're open year-round so we went on Thanksgiving day last week. It was about 40 degrees and pretty nice (no rain, snow or wind). There were workers out decorating for the holidays and the animals were doing their thing. This is me near the entrance and Steve visiting with a friend.

I'm thinking about using these photos of us for holiday cards.

The bear and meerkats and especially the gorillas were being photogenic. We were there midday so most of the animals were sleeping.

For years now I've wanted to take photographs of these tiles in the ladies' bathroom but never had the nerve to snap away in the usual summer crowd. I got my chance this trip in the nearly-empty room and clicked pictures of a few of my favorites. (it's the ladies' room just by the south entrance, in case you want to see them in person)


Paula Hewitt said...

cool zoo pics. love the tiles in the bathroom - you have to be so careful taking photos in the 'facilities' these days - you could be arrested! fancy that!
you know $11 doesnt sounds that expensive to me. Australia Zoo (of Irwin fame and our closet zoo) is probably double that.

Anonymous said...

Those would make great Christmas cards! Love the idea of taking photos of the are always so creative.

Pat Winter said...

I want these in my bathroom. They are wonderful.