Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Shopping

On Saturday I went to a local craft fair and found some great holiday gifts. One of the vendors was JLC Studio and she had some really lovely jewelry. I got gifts for coworkers (and boxes to coordinate, how cool is that?). The blue earrings go to one and the golden brown bracelet to another (and I've plans for next year to swap and give brown earrings and a blue bracelet to them). The beads are thin shell and made lovely chinking noises when you move--not to loud but nice.

The dark brown earrings at the top are for me. I've been buying a lot of brown clothing lately.

I do know JLC, but I don't profit from her venture (just her friendship). Definitely worth checking out.

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JLC Studio said...

Thank you sooo much Marjorie!! I really appreciate this post and that you came out to see us! I just posted a little thank you on my blog as well...hope you enjoy your purchases ;)