Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still workin' on it...

I've finished the embroidery for the stocking, now I have to put it together. I have all of the pieces, the fabrics, backing, lining, batting. And I have unearthed the sewing machine from it's corner.

This doesn't sound like much but those who have seen my house know it's a big deal--the machine was well and truly buried. This has gotten me really thinking about a whole lot of things like why did I let it get so buried in the first case. I realized the corner of the living room, the only place we could find for the desk and machine, is not a good place for it. It's right next to my TV loving hubby's chair--it's not easy to watch with the whine of the machine in your ear. Not to mention that the machine makes the TV go haywire.

I'm not the most flexible or innovative person. Why I didn't think of pulling it out and using it elsewhere in the house is a mystery to me. Perhaps I did at one point and couldn't think of where to go (I also have a memory like a sieve). Maybe I'm desperate enough now. I'm not sure why. I've found a corner of the bedroom where it can sit when not in use--and can't get buried. I plan to use it on the kitchen counter, standing up (I need more activity in my life).

Which got me thinking about my word for next year. I believe my word will be MOVE. I've had FOCUS pinned on the wall at work all year and it has helped. I had another word in mind, related to MOVE, but forgot it. So maybe it should be MOVE just because it stuck with me!

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. This year we set up a tree, smack in the middle of the living room (and we both had to move a lot of stuff to make that happen). It's a narrow tree but tall and quite nice. But what it felt like was that we were making space in our lives for Christmas once again.

I love having a tree, the lovely scent of pine, and the ornaments all bring back memories. I truly feel blessed and loved as I decorate the tree.

In my digging I found a Mary Engelbreit gift bag full of holiday books I've gathered over the years (including "Have a Natural Christmas 1978!). I read "A Christmas Carol" from the bag this weekend. It was a 1977 version of the Arthur Rackham illustrated edition. It always amazes me how closely the movies follow the book. I also have a Rackham illustrated version of "The Night before Christmas" and some other seasonal books.

In the post on Saturday was a lovely gift from Gatherings. Some of Pat's lovely hand-dyed ribbons and a wonderful kit to make a couple of the tiny little dollies from Somerset Life. I am so excited to play, but all my goodies are boxed away right now so I have to wait a bit. Pat even included some little teeny-tiny eyelets for the joints!

I'll definitely be away now until the 29th. Have a wonderful week!

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