Monday, December 8, 2008

Ornament Abundance

Last week my chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild of America had their holiday party. It's always great fun and this year was no exception. I ended the evening with an abundance of ornaments, other goodies and good cheer.

The first ornament is the one I drew in the ornament exchange. I really love the beautifully stitched cardinal and the jingle bell finishing. I have to apologize because the stitcher is a newer member of the group and I cannot remember her name and my member list is old so she's not listed to help trigger my memory.

This large ornament came from my friend Renee, along with a bunch of edible goodness (too much of which is already gone!) Aren't those buttons cool?

The next two came from another friend, Jamee, known for her lovely Hardanger embroidery. She likes fine, high count fabrics and miniature work (things I can no longer see to do and never had the patience for when I could!)

Here's an example, with beads. The square piece is a magnet. The ornament will soon hang on my office door handle, where I usually have something on display and the magnet will go on the office file cabinet. I'll see that a lot more often than my refrigerator door.

The last ornament came from World Stitcheries. It is a form of needlelace from Paraguay. She talks about it here. It is similar to Teneriffe and is a needle lace.

Tomorrow I'll write about the prize I won in a game. I came in second.


terryb said...

How lovely all your ornaments are. Aren't you the lucky one!

Lelia said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Your tree will be happier this year : )