Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Prize

At our holiday party we played a game. We had to figure out the titles of holiday carols from phrases using unusual synonyms (bleached noel = White Christmas). World Embroideries got all twenty songs correct. I came in second, way behind with fifteen. I was very happy.

The prizes were wrapped grab bags. It's kind of bittersweet for me--the prizes were really nice but it's mostly because the last local needlework shop went all knitting and got rid of all of their embroidery and needlework supplies.

They donated the final leftovers to the guild, which was a very generous thing to do and we've been really enjoying this bounty. But we're also without a LNS. (I used to be quite spoiled with three in close proximity to my home.)

My prize was four hand-painted needlepoint canvases (I said the prizes were generous). Three have stitch guides and color photos of the final pieces.

Even though I think it's intended to be an ornament, I think the raggedy girl piece looks like it would make up into a nice scissors holder. And I love the gingerbread tree ornament. Ditto for the patriotic stocking. I'm less enthused by the tennis playing bear, mostly because I don't know anyone who plays tennis. But I've learned over the years I don't have to feel compelled to stitch everything that comes my way!

This last image is the ribbon from the table centerpiece. World Embroideries won and when I admired the ribbon she gave it to me. I'm quite pleased and hope to use it in my nephew-in-law's stocking, which is finally under way (barely).


Paula Hewitt said...

its very sad the demise of you LNS. I havent been to mine for a while (no cash) but i feel bad because if she closes down there is nothing else close by - i buy everything from her and dont want to be forced elsewhere - like the internet. maybe i should go shopping soon. great prizes though - i can understand your ambivalence.

Lelia said...

Hey, perfect for scissors!!! I so agree with you : )

Not sure about the teddy -- but, if you wanted, you could adjust to something else -- like not put in the racket & shoes??

I'm not a canvas person. Otherwise, turn it over & use the canvas for something fun???

What did Jane win? Did you put it on her blog? I was just visiting her site & must have missed the prize

Paula Hewitt said...

Thankyou so much for the lovely gift - it arrived today ( you were right Moo loved the card!)the laying tool is brilliant - wish i had it a few days ago when i was trying to get silk ribbon petals to lay straight! (ive lost you email address - hence the public comment). happy new year! Paula xx