Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Take-It-Further

Well, I didn't get it done. I tried. The four-day holiday weekend helped and I stitched on it pretty diligently. I used one whole skein of the floche. My unopened second skein is in the picture. And not much red is left to be covered.

So far I'm pleased with my progress. I should have pinned it to a stretcher frame--there is some fabric puckering that having it on a frame probably would have stopped. But I'm happier working in hand so I went with that and will accept the puckering as a consequence.

I did take time out on Friday to needlefelt this flying cardinal. The birds don't take long and my hands were getting sore from the satin stitching.

The holiday weekend was nice. We held our family gathering on Saturday. We held up the American tradition of stuffing ourselves. On the actual holiday, Thursday, my hubby and I went to the zoo. We watched the children feed the farm animals their Thanksgiving dinner and wandered around. On Friday we went to see a local theater production of A Christmas Carol. And on Sunday we went to an open garage (like an open house but with antique cars). I've got some zoo pictures to post later this week.

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Jane said...

People laugh when we say we went to the zoo on our honeymoon, but we love to go too.
I think your TIF is turning out great!
See you tonight.