Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And the winners are...

Late on Tuesday I printed all the comments and cut them out in strips and folded each in quarters. I had a student come by and draw names from a file box so a neutral party would do it. I was pleased to see you thought the acorns were cute, too. There were 18 comments!

From the top of the photo down:
orangy yellow: Comment #12: Jane S.
green: Comment #13: Susan
turquoise: Comment #2, Lelia
bittersweet: comment #14: Kathleen C.
gold: comment #3: Jane

I know a few of the winners and have their locations. I need addresses for Jane S. and Kathleen C.


Kathleen C. said...

Thanks very much for my pretty acorn.

Jane said...

Thank you!

Lelia said...

thx Marjorie!!!