Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Japanese Embroidery

We've had some lovely weather here the past two days and I'm back taking my morning walks. This late in the year I'm out just after dawn. Many years ago we watched our neighbors plant a little twig of a maple to replace a large tree that had died. This tree, which is directly across from our house, just glows with red in the fall. (and has from that first year when it had, maybe, five leaves!)Not many flowers are still blooming, but this plant is chugging along. For my birthday party, my sister got some small potted plants as decorations. I took this one home and put it in a large pot in front of our house. It did not like the heat in August and September, but is loving our recent cooler weather. (This looks bright because the flash went off--the tree reflects more of how the light was this morning.) I think they're very sweet and it's so nice to see the color in the mornings.You have to look closely to see any progress but I made a lot today at our usual monthly meeting. I made all of the Japanese knots on the second Valerian and on all of the mums. Those elements are now complete!

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coral-seas said...

You are stitching this beautifully. It is looking really good.