Friday, October 15, 2010

Kissing Pillows

One least a few more to go...

Since I monitor outreach for the Great Lakes Region, I've been hearing about Kissing Pillows lately from other chapters. The concept began with the Yellow Rose EGA chapter in Texas and spread. My EGA chapter, Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana (NANI), was asked to participate by a member who learned about the project through Chicago ANG (American Needlepoint Guild). The text at the bottom is from the Yellow Rose Chapter outreach page.

The offshoot project NANI is participating in plans to provide 1100 pillows for the Navy helicopter squadron of the brother of a local Chicago ANG member. The squadron will be deploying in early 2011. They use 14 count aida, three colors of floss, and about two-hours of stitching time. If you would like to participate in this project, e-mail me.

Soldier Family Pillows

In 2005, wanting to show our appreciation for the sacrifices made by military personnel, Yellow Rose members began hand-stitching small 4” X 4” patriotic pillows designed to be used as a keepsake for the children and loved ones left behind by the soldiers departing for service of the U.S. ... Each pillow is presented in a plastic bag with a note explaining the purpose of the tiny pillow and expressing our gratitude for their service. The soldier kisses the pillow and gives one to each of his/her loved ones to hold onto until he/she returns from war. When we began this project, we initially thought only about the children, but the wives and sweethearts requested them too, and then, the soldiers wanted one with everyone’s kisses on it to take with him/her off to war.

The response has been overwhelming. A very special project that we hoped would express our gratitude for the sacrifices of our servicemen and women has more than filled our expectations and has mushroomed into something that touches the hearts of everyone.

In the fall of 2006, Yellow Rose began offering the project to all Embroiderers’ Guild of America chapters. In November 2006, the project was offered to chapters of the American Needlepoint Guild. The goal was to have needlework chapters stitching for military units across the United States. ... For more information or to participate, please contact Yellow Rose.

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