Monday, October 25, 2010

Klutzy Autumn

My klutzy autumn continues. (My toe is still many shades of blue/black.) I slipped and in trying not to do the splits, tore my groin muscle. It's a bit achy but not what I'd call painful. But it appears to have destabilized my artificial hip and the last Wednesday morning something went "pop" and I couldn't move. At all. I'm up and moving again, with help. Hubby has been absolutely wonderful. That's why I was silent last week--I was at home in bed wrapped in ice. I see an orthopedic doc later this week. Preliminary x-rays look okay. We think it's just unhappy muscles and tendons, but anything with my hip pushes all of my panic buttons so I'm being careful.So, I've been busy, since sitting is about all I can do, unless I'm laying about. I made this on my mari. The paper core is not nearly as nice as the rice hulls--the needle and, more important, pins can't penetrate it. But I learned more stitching this one. Both ends are the same.I finished two more kissing pillows and have a fourth underway.Before I fell, I got this block for Deep River County Park pressed and blocked. I'm not thrilled with the green I selected, but otherwise I'm happy. I have a second one cut out but I think I need to find a different green.I had this preprinted ornament panel from Jo-Ann's so I stitched them up.This felt ornament completes the batch of eight that I cut out and began in June. I have more felt and thread but don't know if I'm up to doing more.

I worked on many other things, too, but wasn't up to getting pictures yet. Satin stitch leaves in many shades of green on an old stamped pillowcase for a garden border. I picked up the crewel needlebook that had been languishing in my pile. I designed and stitched four ornament samples for next month's class at the YMCA--I also cut out sequin waste to use to decorate them and I cut out felt shapes for backgrounds. Busy hands help the time pass.


Lelia said...

Please take care of yourself! (your DH is a keeper!)

Awesome projects. You accomplish so much in a week : )

Rachel said...

Well, at least you've been able to finish off (or start) a good many interesting projects. Just don't overdo it!