Friday, October 1, 2010


Last week while moving tables for my conference lunch (which I probably shouldn't have been doing) in sandals (which I definitely shouldn't have been doing) I pulled a heavy table base into my toe. After a few minutes of crossed eyes and tightly-clamped lips (I was in the student lounge), it's been relatively painless. I have not, however, tried to put it into shoes or even socks. A soft knit slipper was touch and go but okay. I don't think it's broken and I've been assured I'll loose the nail. Of course, I did it on the first day of the two day event.

I've been doing Japanese embroidery all week (wonderful bliss) and making sure I don't bump my toe into anything.


Jane said...

Ouchie, I hope your toe feels better soon!

Missy Ann said...

I did something similar earlier this year.

I did not lose the nail (everyone said I would), but it may have been less gross looking if I did.

If it follows the same pattern as mine, it's going to hurt tomorrow. The more supportive the shoe the better your toe will feel when you walk. I wore nothing but my best lace up cross trainers for 2 weeks afterward.

Smearing anti-biotic ointment with pain killer in it and covering the nail with a band-aid will help too.

And ice! Ice really helped that first week.

Anonymous said...

looks really painful.