Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Before disaster struck, we spent a lovely autumn weekend with the car club at the homes of a collector. Homes is right--one is just for the cars!This is outside of the "real" home. I love bulging the chimney. Car's nice, too. The garages are to the right. I have to admit I don't know what most of these are. I did notice nearly all have current plates and are driven regularly.This is the inside of the swoopy car below. I believe this is a rare reproduction of an extremely rare car. It's really cool.It's an amazing place to just wander around.This the scene in the drive. The owner put little explanatory notes in the windows with stories about the cars. (He does this every year and I probably wrote about last year's event, too.) This is a Facel Vega. Rare. At least I've never seen them anywhere else.This last is me taking pix of the cars inside the second home. Yep, two cars in the living room. Lots of food in the kitchen. A room all about sailing (owns a boat, too), a room of maps, the football game was on. Fun was had by all.

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Lelia said...

when you are feeling better, take your DH to the LaPorte Historical Society / Museum. he will enjoy the antiques and the cars there