Friday, October 8, 2010


Last weekend was stormy and very gray. As I was in the midst of fixing dinner, I realized we were out of celery. I turned off the stove, grabbed my coat and stomped out to get some. As I got out of the car after my errand, I looked up and saw the most wonderful rainbow. The sky was very dark and looming and the rainbow luminescent and very bright. It was a complete rainbow with part of a second arc just beyond. It was raining pretty good so I didn't get the camera out to take a picture. I did drag hubby out of the house to look at it. It lasted a long time.

On Tuesday before my EGA chapter meeting, friends and I were having our usual dinner at our usual Chinese place. Now, I live in Cook County, Illinois--a place that is virtually smoke free and I'm very happy about it. I react badly to smoke of all types--wheezing and headaches and even migraines. I also live on the border of Indiana, which is the land of cheap cigarettes (well, cheaper) and smoking. My usual tactic is to simply remove myself from places where there is smoking. These days smokers can be very defensive and belligerent if confronted. (As much as I dislike smoking and being around it, I can also understand how hard it can be to be constantly vilified for doing something you consider your right.)

So, we're in a restaurant in Indiana and a diner at a nearby table lights up. It's a very small place. I quietly tell my friends I'm going to get my dinner to go (we hadn't ordered yet). After we placed our orders, I got up to stand at the other end of the room, near the carry-out pick-up window. The owner was there and he noticed me and asked if anything was wrong. I explained, I thought quietly, that I couldn't be around the smoke and was going to take my order as a carryout.

Much to my surprise (and a little embarrassment) the woman who was smoking put her cigarette out and came up to me and told me to sit back down. She said that I was out with my friends and needed to enjoy my evening and she could certainly do without a cigarette. I was flabbergasted.

So I did. I had a nice dinner with my friends. The smoker and her husband had a nice dinner. We all made sure to thank them for their kindness. She repeated that friends are special and it was right that I should have my nice dinner out with them.

Even now, a few days later, I'm amazed and so very pleased by this one woman's thoughtful action. I was still very touched after the meeting and came home and told my husband. He was also quite touched. So now I'm telling you.


Lelia said...

Marjorie: We Hoosier are very kind people. glad she was kind enough to be considerate. always, L.

Erica said...

Doesn't it gladden the heart when folk are so thoughtful? Here in New Zealand, it is illegal to smoke in public buildings so restaurants, workplaces, etc are smoke free.

Rachel said...

There are some lovely people in the world. It's a pity we usually hear about the horrors instead!