Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camp Quality

Camp Quality Illinois Cruise 2011Our morning to teach at Camp Quality will be Friday, August 12 from 9 to noon. Our project will be felt nautical flags in the letters the child chooses
(my initials are spelled out by the flags above).

We need volunteers to teach on the 12th, volunteers to help cut felt pieces and plan how to lead this project on Tuesday July 26 (location to be determined), and donations of felt and perle cotton and size 20-22 chenille needles.
The felt colors should come close to matching DMC White, 742 Gold, 796 Blue and 321 Red.
It doesn't take much perle so felt is the most needed item.
I'm glad to finally have this one settled and planned. This was the toughest so far to figure out. I have made up a pattern for each letter and I have a small collection of felt and perle (and floss) gathered. So, we're on our way. I plan to make up models to deliver to the Camp Quality organizers this week so they can have them for display.This fish was one of my many attempts at a project for this year. I also charted out all of the alphabet nautical flags so they could be cross stitched (very boring blocks of color). I charted part of a cruise ship to backstitch--it's a pretty boring shape and would be dull to stitch. I tried to figure out an easy to stitch mermaid, but didn't get to far.

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Jenny Woolf said...

The flags are pretty, and simple, and bold and colourful. Good choice!