Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finished object, WIP and gift

I think I may have been overwhelmed by all of the books on Friday because I just kind of shut down for a bit on Saturday. A four-hour long nap helped.  And a total change of pace.
I purchased the kit to make this felt cake-slice box from Sun Felt a couple of years ago at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago and it had been sitting, waiting all this time.
I had completed the white cake slice right away. So I dug it out and stitched it on Saturday.  They come ready to stitch with all materials, including a nice box to hold the completed cake slice.
The instructions used a lot of glue but I just can't mange glue neatly so I stitched everything. I think they're fun and silly. I have materials and want to make some felt chocolates.
Since the weather was predicted to be bad, I figured I'd be staying in so I set up to stitch on the Japanese embroidery piece.  I actually accomplished a lot (for me and JE).  I padded and stitched the entire striped cord loop at the top of the brown paper on Saturday morning.  On Sunday I stitched the more central of the two "pinks" (which are orange and white) along with the two leaves just to the right of it.  Bit by bit it's getting done. I also made up my white velvet pillow, used to dust and clean the piece as part of the finishing process (or anytime you feel your piece needs a bit of a dusting).
Last, but far from least, hubby found this lovely little crocheted hat pin cushion at an antique shop as a gift for me.  It's small enough I may add a pin back and wear it.  I have a couple of them and I made one (much larger) for a pin cushion so I guess that's a collection.


coral-seas said...

I am so pleased to see the progress you are making with Bouquet. It is looking great. I don't think it will be very long before you need that velvet pad :-)

I am finishing a project at the moment that the instructions suggest glue in a lot of instances but I am stitching when every I can. I'm not comfortable with gluing textiles. I still cringe everytime I do the finishing on my KE pieces!

Kelly said...

Your cake is very cute but I am really impressed with the JE piece. It is beautiful!!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Those cake slices are so fun! I've never seen such realistic ones before; when I saw the first photo, I thought it was real :)

Your Japanese bouquet is gorgeous!

Jenny Woolf said...

The Japanese embroidery piece looks to be almost finished now?