Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steam-Power Festival

Last Saturday was a lovely summer day, hot, but there were breezes.  We went to the 27th Annual Antique Power and Steam Show. Not to much steam there this year, and not as many people as years past, but it was a very nice show.  Here's a kiddie ride that went on all day, winding and snaking around the fairgrounds.  Each little barrel car has a steering wheel.
There was a petting zoo, flea market, pie kitchen, and, our favorite, the Parade of Power. Each year they feature a company. This year was Ford and Fordson tractors and Briggs & Stratton engines.  We like to wander around the displays of small and hand-crafted engines that go pockety-pockey; tick, tick, hiss; wheet; click, click click clack--they each have their own noise and it's rarely regular. To me it's the sound of summer.
We got a shady spot in the bleachers to watch the parade of power. The churned up area in the middle was from the kiddie and adult tractor pulls.  We saw the kiddie winner brandishing his large trophy.
This tiny tractor in front is an antique miniature, but even lawn tractors and mowers are welcome and they come from all over, some several hundred miles.  The parade goes on for about an hour, perhaps, with each machine's make, model, year and driver announced. 

We ate in the main pavilion where there was a live singer providing music. I ate from "Spud and Moo"--baked potatoes. I got chili and cheese on mine.  I think I like the British "jacket potato" better--just seems a lot more classy than spud. But then, spud does fit the event and venue!
Inside the arts building is a large model railroad, bee keepers with honey and a table where you can make beeswax candles, tool displays, wood workers, a raffle quilt, and this year a display of toy tractors. Or so I thought.  If you look closely you can see the bodies are all old sewing machines!  I missed it but hubby caught it.  He used a couple of old Electrolux vacuum cleaners, too. 
I thought it was very clever.   

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terryb said...

It is rather ironic that I saw sewing machines first; then, "realized" they were tractors. Over-thinking things again.