Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A while back I found a box of things that had been my mother-in-law's.  Some old toy and doll clothes patterns, a couple of cut out doll-dresses in pale yellow, and the cut out pieces and floss for this red and black Scottie dog.
I would guess the doggie was for my husband, the doll dresses for his older sister's dolls. He said his mother liked Scottie dogs.  It is very 50s and very nice wool felt.
So this weekend I assembled the dog. I asked hubby about eyes and he said he didn't remember button eyes but thought they were felt or stitched on, so that's what I did.
I kept a couple of the patterns and gave away the rest.  We'll be keeping this Scottie dog for now.


Rachel said...

My grandmother used to make stuffed toys, and she never used glass or buttons, in case one of her grandchildren chewed them off...

jason @ gold work embroidery said...

So simple yet so sweet> Even the unfinished Scottie is cute