Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more books

I recently pulled my copy of this book off the bookshelf to review something or other and found a delight inside (beyond the contents of the book, which never cease to inspire).
I'd saved a couple of pages from the Aardvark Territorial Enterprise from California from the 80s. This company was a delight--they put out a newspaper/catalog full of amazing odds and ends (it's where I first learned about the fun that could be had with sequin waste, shisha mirrors), commentary, designs and general enthusiasm for needlework. It really helped me expand my boundaries and realize that you can often find embroidery materials or inspiration in the most unlikely places--it opened my eyes!
The clippings brought back wonderful memories of a wonderful time and person. I used to pour over each issue as it arrived and I used to have many copies saved. Sadly, I can't remember the owner's name. I do remember she died suddenly in a car accident and while her daughter tried hard, I think the owner was the heart and soul of the business.
Do any of you remember Aardvark?


Anne Leonas said...

Marge - I loved that paper, too! I ordered a number of strange things from it, and have no clue as to what I did with them. If anything! Good memories.


Stephanie Robertson said...

I also love ATE...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember Aardvark. While "cleaning out" some book shelves, I found Jerry's Two Needle book and a small "stack" of the newspapers. Will be nice later this afternoon (it's going to reach 18F)to enjoy a cup of cocoa and recall those days in Livermore. Haven't stitched in years...this may give me a needed "swift kick" to return to the needle!